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Welcome to Oval Racing Books, we are here to provide much needed content around the oval racing scene from motorsport almanacs to oval racing setup books.

All our books are designed and printed in the UK by and for oval racing drivers and enthusiasts alike, but as a niche market, relevant books are hard to find let alone interesting up to date content!

We are working toward creating the most comprehensive collecton of oval racing books, content & memorabilia in the UK.



To those in the know, it has been a long time coming. It has now been announced that the book ‘Brisca F2, the first 50 years’ will be released and on sale in April. Carlton Elliott has spent the last ten years researching in an effort to obtain the results of every Brisca F2 meeting EVER held, and has compiled those results into a massive book, covering 1960 to 2010, the first fifty years. This book has over 500 pages of information and over 500 photographs, and will be an invaluable read for every stock car fan. Published by Remous Print, in line with the authors wishes, £1 from every sale will go to the Brisca F2 Drivers Benevolent Fund.


£30 plus £7.99 P&P

STOCK CAR CHASSIS SETUP: A Technical Guide to your F2

This book has been written specifically for Stock Car drivers in the UK and Europe, for those of you looking to achieve improvement on your race car setup, both new or experienced drivers can learn new ideas from the information held inside this book.

A lot of the theory will explain the reasons why your car behaves a certain way on track and is written in a peer to peer style to explain how to improve your setup in layman’s terms.

Written, designed and printed in the UK.


About the Author
Alan Bunter grew up around the ovals, following in his father Graham’s footsteps and focussed on Brisca F2’s he began racing at 16, designing & building his first (unique) F2 at 19 years old. He developed a fascination around why race cars performed the way they did.
Whilst at university spending many winter evenings learning all he could from Bill Batten, he read every setup book he could buy to enable him to further improve his design and setup. Known for building bespoke race cars and interpretations of sometimes ambiguous rules, his last F2 was eventually outlawed by sweeping rule changes aimed at standardising chassis. A move to circuit racing has seen success in the 750 Formula, again in a self built car. The lack of dedicated UK oval racing setup advice led him to write this book offering some of the knowledge gained over a lifetime around ovals and 15 year driving carer on ovals with 10 years circuit racing when possible between family and business commitments.


£12.99 –  Free P&P